ERP 9 Menu Maintenance

I have customized the Time Phase form. Is there a way to find all instances of Time Phase in the entire menu?

Thanks in advance.

Does E9 have a menu search feature? I use that (in E10). If not, you can write a BAQ to find it. It’s been awhile so I don’t remember the table off the top of my head. But if you poke around on here I’m sure you could find it.

You can create a BAQ on the Menu table. Then add a criteria where MenuDesc BEGINS Time Phased constant.

Hi Randy,

The easiest way I’m thinking of is to generate Menu Maintenance Report from:
System Management >> Security Maintenance >> Reports >> Menu Security Report

Filter by “System Manager” user for quick result.

Export to csv, then you have it all.

You can search and filter in excel.

Also, you might need to track parent menu in Excel in order to find menu exact location.

Thanks - that worked. I was able to add the Menu table three times to get the Parent menu and again for the next level.

Thanks - the report is huge! I made a BAQ as the other person suggested.