ERP Business Systems Analyst - Oconomowoc, Wisconsin


Primary point of contact for internal business systems support and training. Leads cross-functionally linked teams to analyze current business processes and implement effective company solutions. Applies comprehensive understanding of internal business processes and needs to create the technical specifications that applications programmers require for development. This position will facilitate assigned projects by serving as a liaison between users, application developers, and IT.

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Feel free to share with friends and colleagues. Great opportunity from someone to put their stamp on a company with their expertise and knowledge.


The first question they always ask… Remote Hire or Must Be Local? :slight_smile:

Second question is how do you say “Oconomowoc” :laughing:

Good point. It is local so that is why I am trying to getting this out to as many people as possible to find anyone that is qualified and is willing to be local. I know…good luck with that.

Now try to pronounce Waukesha.