Erp.Part_UD Number18,Number19 and Number20

I need to make Number18 - 20 to have default values but I can’t get them to show.

I have tried to update the Default Value or Binding and it still shows Zero

Thank for your help and time

You are at the wrong layer, get out of the database and setup the default in Epicor in UD Column Maintenance.
Most likely the Business Logic in Epicor is overriding whatever you are trying to do.
Interacting with the Epicor Database directly is not supported and you run the risk of issues, always go through the Business Logic, with the Epicor UI, REST or DMT.
It’s best not to get into SQL unless directed by Epicor Support.

Awesome, Thank you so much :smiley:

any idea on how to un grey these areas so i can input my default value