Erp.Tables declaration

I used the online code converter (ABL to C#) and the result includes the lines:

Erp.Tables.APInvHed APInvHed;
Erp.Tables.Vendor Vendor;

I put them (along with the rest of the converted code) in the code - in a button Click event on a form.

But when I use the Tools \ Test Code to check for errors, I get

The type or namespace name 'Tables' does not exist in the namespace 'Erp' (are you missing an assembly reference?)

Do I need a “using” statement up top?

The online code converter is for BPMs only it does not work for customizations. In the UI those “Tables” are DataSets
also I strongly recommend you use the converter to your heart’s content, but NEVER take code directly from the converter into your Epicor… the converter outputs code that is pretty awful for the most part.

It is a nice tool to look at but always re-write your methods yourself.

Thanks - I was using it just for examples of syntax.

I’ve been programming in C (K&R) for 30 years. Mostly embedded stuff, very little desktop applications, and even less in App integration.

I’ve got a huge learning curve ahead of me.

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Yeah that’s great for that kind of stuff, but for the UI customization there is no tool. Have you looked at the Experience and Customization guide? There are some examples in there that might help. Also if you tell us what you’re trying to do we might be able to find some UI code to help you