Error 505 Blank Title 53152


I would agree that it sounds like a permissions issue. I suggest that
you give a user local administrator rights and then log on as that user
to see if they can print. If they can print, then you need to look at
the permission settings on the printers. If they cant print, then
there is something deeper in the printer set up that is incorrect.

Good luck,
Dear Terminal Services Gurus,
We've recently installed a TS server for part of our operations and have set
up users and remote and local printers etc.
We can successfully perform a test print to a 'local' printer from within a
TS session however we can only print successfully from Vantage 6.1 to a
'local' printer if the user is connected to the TS session using the TS
administrator username and password.

If we use any other username/password to make the Remote Connection, then
when we try to print a Crystal document (e.g Invoice) from Vantage we get an
"Error 505" (which doesn't seem to be either a Progress or a Crystal error)
or if we try to print a standard Vantage report (e.g. Sales Backlog) nothing
happens at all when you click the "Print" button.

I guess it's a permissions problem but can't seem to resolve it. Any bright
ideas from you guys running TS?


Richard Bailey
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