Error adding a QSalesRP using OData (REST API)

Running into a weird little issue. Trying to add a sales rep to a quote using an OData endpoint of the REST API.

Here’s the POST request to /{currentCompany}/Erp.BO.QuoteSvc/QSalesRPs:

{“QuoteNum”: 145,
“SalesRepCode”: “manderso”

As far as I can tell, it really should be that simple. Here’s the HTTP 400 error I’m getting, though:

Customer is required.
Currency Code references invalid value.
Campaign references invalid value.
Event references invalid value.
Rate Type Code references invalid value.
ID references invalid value.
Territory ID references invalid value.

I can’t tell what’s actually required, because all of those are on the quote already (and are valid, I swear!), and none of those are listed on the QSalesRP endpoint.

Any ideas? I’d really like to stick with OData if I can.

I’m not getting these errors though I’m on the most recent version.

What version are you using? Can you enable server logging to get a more detailed error stack?

I was missing both the Company parameter, and evidently the “Name” parameter was required even though it didn’t have to match the name on the Sales Rep record.

“Company”: “EPIC01”,
“QuoteNum”: 163,
“SalesRepCode”: “sbrode”,
“Name”: “required but irrelevant”