Error code

Hi everyone,
Is there ever been found the error code
"Error converting {null} to type System.int32. Path ‘poRelNum’. " This error when i create baq search in application studio

Thanks i hope there are anyone answer this case

@Putu_Cahaya The field is null on some records. Use IsNull or Coalesce to check for null

How can I change it and Where is it?

@Putu_Cahaya It will be in the baq. Can you run the baq for the same search? if you have a field for PORelNum you will need to make it a calculated field with the Isnull or Coalesce statement.

is like this?

That looks correct. Did the error go away?

Hi Greg. I’ve never use coalesce. Can you give an example how you would use it?

@NateS It is a null check for multiple fields and takes the first non null value.

Coalesce(JobHead.JobNum, Convert(nvarchar,OrderHed.OrderNum),‘Not Found’)

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Still error error
The error when i see in developer mode browser as you can see