Error Creating SSRS multiple BAQ Report

I’m new to SSRS and am having issues creating my first multiple BAQ report.

I created 3 BAQs that I linked together in a custom Report Data Definition. I then created custom Report Style that uses the custom Report Data Definition. All the instructions I can find on epicweb say that on the Report Style I have to go to “Actions” and select “Create SSRS Report” to get the Report Location needed to download the basic SSRS rdl so I can start to create my report layout. The problem is that when I select “Create SSRS Report” I get an error message that states:

The operation you are attempting on item ‘REDACTED’ is not allowed for this item type. —> Microsoft.ReportingServices.Diagnostics.Utilities.WrongItemTypeException: The operation you are attempting on item ‘REDACTED’ is not allowed for this item type.

I’ve submitted this to EpicCare, but they keep saying to use the original or base Report Data Definition.
As the RDD that I created is the original Report Data Definition and not a copy of anything else in ERP10, I’m not sure where to go. Can someone point me in the right direction?

If I recall correctly:
This type of Report is not really a “BAQ Report”. This means that you will not be using the BAQ Report designer and it will not automatically copy the BAQReport.rdl file. You will have to create the file and upload it to the the SSRS server (from Report Style or from the SSRS web page). You should be able to utilize “Sync Dataset” though.


Server Side Exception

You can only create SSRS reports that are based off of RDDs that use BAQs or Electronic Interfaces.

I was curious what Report Type you have to select to do this?


Application Error
Exception caught in: Epicor.ServiceModel
Error Detail

Correlation ID: f9c3721c-0669-43af-9eba-f6f30d78cab1
Message: The specified report is a BAQ report. Use the functionality provided in the BAQ Report Designer UI to create new SSRS reports for BAQs.

I was curious about this so I created a new RDD and associated as a Data Source, first one of my Sales Order BAQs. Then associated this RDD to a new Report Style, and used Actions to create the RDL. Then I associated the second Data Source as the twin of the first BAQ which looks at Sales Orders for the other Site, deleted the Report Style and recreated it, used Actions and created the RDL again. It worked. My test must not be consistent with your steps.

I’m unable to “Sync Dataset” as it states that a “Report Location” is required. I’m unable to get the “Report Location” to load due to the error when I select “Create SSRS Report”.


I don’t know if it make a difference, but we are a Epicor hosted Cloud customer.

I did the exact steps you mentioned testing:

  1. Created a 1 BAQ that pulls “User Defined” Sales Order Release fields (Release comments), another that pulls Header Miscellaneous Charges, and a 3rd that pulls Detail Miscellaneous Charges.
  2. Created a new RDD and associated the queries as Data Sources
  3. Associated the RDD to a new report style but when I go to actions and select “Create SSRS Report” I get the error I originally reported.

Cloud hosted here as well.
In your step 1, if you only associate 1 BAQ to the RDD, are you able to successfully setup your new Report Style?

Try making a BAQ Report using one of your BAQ’s This is just to build the structure for the Report Style.

After making the BAQ Report,


You should see a Report Style now exists.


Go to the style details and change the DataDef from the BAQ report ID, to your RDD


The RDL created is shown in The BAQ Report Designer (field “SSRS Report:”)

Thanks for this response! It worked great in getting me where I can do what is needed.