Error during conversion from E10.2.500.32 to Kinetic 11.2.300.6

We receive the error:

Error Post Migration ICE_FKs.sql The ALTER TABLE statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint “FK_UserTracing_SysUserFile”. The conflict occurred in database “DTS-Epi11”, table “Ice.SysUserFile”, column ‘UserID’.
alter table Ice.UserTracing
add constraint F

How do we track this down?

Look to see this query if you get any results (don’t mind the english there):
FROM ice.UserTracing
where ice.UserTracing.userid in (

Select t1.userid

from ice.UserTracing t1

Left Join ice.SysUserFile t2 on t2.UserID = t1.userid

where t2.UserID is null)

I get 3 results.

Okay, do you have active support Jeff? Like do you have a maintenance contract in place with Epicor?

Yes we do.

Will do. Thanks a lot.

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Look up this PRB: PRB0190185 you can use that in the case you open.

Nice Jeff!