Error in Report after upgrade

So I created a VM to test out 10.1.500. I am in the test VM with 10.1.500 and some of my reports are saying invalid columns. On the ones in the CustomReports folder, I just did a Data Sync and they worked. But some of these are just standard reports and I am not sure what to do for those. Here is an idea of what I am getting.

Query execution failed for dataset ‘OrderHed’. —> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Invalid column name ‘PayFlag’.
Invalid column name ‘PayAccount’.
Invalid column name ‘Customer_SamplesOnAll_c’.
Invalid column name ‘Customer_SamplesOnNew_c’.
Invalid column name ‘EntryPerson’.
Invalid column name ‘ShipToNum’.
Invalid column name ‘ShipToNum’.

Is your data model synced in that environment?

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I’m guessing not since I am not sure where that is.

User Defined Column Maintenance:

All your UD tables should have both Table in Sync and Data Model in Sync shapes as green.

Ok, umm, I can’t sem to find that.

System Setup>System Maintenance>UD Column Maintenance

Yeah, I don’t have that in my system.


Are you a security manager? Can you look in menu maintenance in System Setup>System Management?

Yes, I am security amanger and have acces to everything.

Ok in yours is Extended UD Table Maintenance

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Says all of them are in sync.

Are you able to see those fields on the OrderHed table in SQL or a BAQ?

I think you had this exact question answered yesterday :slight_smile:

Did you change your data source on the migrated reports? That needs to be done to point the report data sources for each report in the custom folder to the appropriate data source of the new environment.

That was for my live environment on 10.1.400, and I just used my backup to fix it. Did nothing else. This one today is for my test environment 10.1.500. Hope that makes sense.

If you migrated reports from one server/folder to another (LIVE to TEST), you will need to change the data source of the migrated TEST reports to point to the correct data source. Give that a try if you haven’t already

Just to make sure I haven’t missed something, here is a clip. Live=10.1.400.19, Test vm=10.1.500.38 Ihad checked this forst and didn’t see anything, but I could be mising something.

Yes that looks correct. Did you verify the columns exist in SQL?

The fields exist within the query, but are not used in the report as columns.

Within the query of the report? I’m asking if the columns exist in the SQL database

Ahh, gotcha. The columns exist in the DB except for the one sthat end with a _c.