Error installing 9.05.601 SP patch A

This is a 'known' issue and support can quickly send you a ZIP with
2 registry clean up files one 32, one 64 that you need to apply
after the 601 but prior to the 601a patch. They are apparently
deleting the before they update it in the 601a

To summarize all the 601a1 issues that I'm aware of, having taken our
test and now production boxes through this. Were using WinSvr08 x64
with Sql 08 x64, but using the x32 version of OE and Epicor. We've
only got 5 users and 4g mem space should be enough for the oe 'schema'
work and for E9... Sql has it's own x64 memory space for the real

- Open Edge 10.2sp3hf9 needs all the AppServer logging set to
verbose and a 5m file size. I did not test this but trusted this group
from an earlier post and just applied this before even trying.

- I had my Updates905 dir living under the Epicor905 share and after
applying the 601 SP, ALL my EXE files were gone. I had another copy
and put them back, but after the 601a patch they were gone again...
There was another post here about another dir loosing an exe file.
Not sure about DLL files, but it appears that the 905 share is Theirs
and your files need to live somewhere else if you want to keep them.

- I had problems with the 9.05.600 setup with bad icons for stuff
like the Admin Tools and the Test, Pilot etc. being setup with a missing "\" in a path. The 601 stuff did not correct these, and may
have reset them back to a bad path. If you get errors, check the
shortcut properties for invalid paths.

As for functionality in 601a1, were live but only for PO's, Receiving,
and inventory with manual adjustments. Were testing with a bunch
of Customizations and Configurators. Lots of things have been fixed
for us, but a few issues remain

- My Configurator Set Field rules have problems with some tables at
only some points, moving some from Method to Document rules sometimes
fix bad writes, sometimes not. We've got method rules writing a valid part number as "" and Qty = 0 over our place holders... It's
also not clear that the Keep When rules are working properly in all

- I have a fairly complex Dashboard with lots of VB code that works
just fine in the developer run, but will not compile into a dll with
the AppBuilder. A known issue not set to be fixed until 603 with a
workaround of "re-code it in C##."

Karl Weisel

--- In, "fingerz" <rbf45356@...> wrote:
> Anyone else see this and what did you do to fix it?
> Access to the path \\Lenovo-3231D20F\Epicor905\ is denied Error
> Thanks,
> Brian
Anyone else see this and what did you do to fix it?
Access to the path \\Lenovo-3231D20F\Epicor905\ is denied Error