Error message in Vantage

A few of my users have been getting an error message in Vantage and then it kicks them out. I was able to get a screen shot of the error message. Can anyone point me in the right direction to fix this (besides upgrading to 10.1)? Or do you need more information to go on? Below is the error:

Adam Smith

Sorry Adam, I have to laugh because I get that answer and we are on 10.0!

Looks like they are in Open4 when they get this message…what were they doing when it occurred? You may want to call Open4 on this.

M. Manasa Reddy
P: 703.471.7145 x454

I’m pretty sure the “7224” error has to do with losing the connection to the server. Ours became so problematic (because the server was in a data center in Georgia, and the clients were in Pennsylvania), that we switched to using a citrix like system. The client program ran on a server in GA, with a remote desktop like app running on the computers in PA.