Error message when starting to sign in on Vanta ge


I had this problem a couple of years ago. Promsgs file needs to be read
only. When it is read only a single users file handle can't hog the file.

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Check to make sure that your .ini and .mfg files are pointing to the
correct file paths. I've received this error in the past and it was
due to a small error of leaving a semi colon out or misspelling a
folder name.


--- In, "cindi21_16" <crawford@f...> wrote:
> I upgraded last week from Vantage 5.2 to 6.0 and now my users
> receive an error message when the screen comes up to open Vantage.
> This is the message: msgopen:unable to open message file:PROMSGS.
> I have talked with tech support and all they tell me is that it is
> network connection problem, but that is hard for me to understand
> when it didn't do this when I was on 5.2. And no network changes
> have been made. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Tracy

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