Error- No more resources

Don’t know if you already got your answer, but I saw this as I was searching in answer books for an issue of mine.

Greg Payne


PG Increase the -n parameter error for 8.00 and 8.03 (748)


When trying to log into Vista/Vantage, the following error message occurs:
'Out of resources try a larger -n'

This error may also occur in the Event Viewer of the client trying to login to Vista/Vantage.

This error means that an attempt was made to exceed the limit for the number of users making an active connection to the database. Increase the -n parameter.

This message means that more connection have been attempted for the Open Edge database than it is currently set to allow. These connections include ODBC connections, Vista/Vantage users, MES users, and any other connection to the database.

There are configurations that need to be done for both the Database and the AppServers.

For applications using Open Edge 10.0B, the -n parameter is defined in the Progress Explorer Tool in the Server Group properties (MfgSysGroup and ODBCGroup), and summarized in the Default Configuration properties of each database.

For example:
MfgSysGroup has:
Number of Servers: 12
Min Clients per Server: 4
Max Clients per Server: 4

ODBCGroup has:
Number of Servers: 20
Min Clients per Server: 1
Max Clients per Server: 2

The -n parameter is defined by the "maxclientsperserver" multiplied by the numberofservers in the MfgSysGroup and ODBCGroup for each database. In the example above, the -n is set to 48 users for the the MfgSysGroup and 40 users for the ODBCGroup.

The Default Configuration properties screen must be a total of these as follows:

MaxServers = numberofservers (MfgSysGroup) + numberofservers (ODBCGroup) + 1
So in this example Maxservers = 12 + 20 +1 or 33

Maxusers = maxclientsperserver x numberofservers (MfgSysGroup)
+ maxclientsperserver x numberofservers (ODBCGroup)
So in this example Maxusers = (4 x 12) + (2 x 20) or 88

The number of AppServers set to run should never exceed the Maxusers for the MfgSysGroup. In the example above, Maxuser for MfgSys80 is 48 (4 maxclientsperserver x 12 number of servers.) So the combined Maximum Servers of all AppServers should not exceed 48. The number of AppServers can be checked by totalling the Maximum Server setting for each AppServer.

AppServers pool:
Under MfgSys80 Appserver Properties->Agent->Pool Range
Initial number of servers to start: 5
Minimum Servers: 5
Maximum Servers: 15

Under MfgSys80ProcessServer Appserver Properties->Agent->Pool Range
Initial number of servers to start: 1
Minimum Servers: 1
Maximum Servers: 1

Under MfgSys80TaskAgent Appserver Properties->Agent->Pool Range
Initial number of servers to start: 1
Minimum Servers: 1
Maximum Servers: 1

For this example, the number of AppServers would be 17 (15+1+1). Since this is less than the 48 for the Maxusers of the MfgSysGroup, configuration is done.

Once these numbers are correct, stop the AppServers and the DB. When they are stopped, restart the DB and the AppServers for the changes to take effect.


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It is supposed to be in the downloads section. It takes me forever to find anything on that site as well.


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Do you know where it is on the site? Is it easy to find? I have been o nteh site but can't find anything.
Thanks Kim

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On the Epicweb there is a system performance tuning guide. It should
provide suggestions on how to manipulate your mfgsys file. -n is a
setting w/in that file.


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Subject: [Vantage] Error- No more rescources

Our server crashed last week and we had to rebuild and reload everything
on the same server just new drives. We are getting many strange
issues.... The one that I need the most help with is the following: "The
Server or the system has no more rescources. Try larger -n. (748)"

What is -n and how can I fix this? It seems like maybe I just set
something up wrong.

THanks kim

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