Error when running GL Allocations


We are 9.05.702A.

Since converting over to 702A, we have not been able to run
the GL allocation feature. Every time, we run the process, the following error
displays but nothing goes to review journal to understand what account is
invalid. Reached out to Epicor support and was advise to re-load the posting
rules, which we have done and still receiving the same error.

Type:3Program:gl/AllocateGL.pMethod:AllocateGLJournalsTable:PostingProcessField:Rowid:Message:Transaction does not balance

Combination of controlled segments is invalid [Line 4]  Company Epic01.  COACode COA. Account .

Account is inactive [Line 4] 
Company Epic01.  COACode COA.
Account .

Any help will be greatly appreciated.