eScheduling 5.0

I know this is a long shot since this site typically discusses Vantage 8.0 and higher.....but we are in a tough spot, and we're hoping someone may have input to help us out.

We have been using APS since 3.0, and are still currently using 3.0. The problem is that the APS 3.0 calendar disappears on 10/1/2010. That said, as a Vantage 6.1 shop we are attempting to upgrade to eScheduling 5.0. We are having issues with EMR messaging -- our master scheduler will not connect to our server. We've tried loading the server locally on the workstation, with similar results.

Tech support has no documentation and, evidently, has no employee available with eScheduling experience. Are there any eScheduling 5.0 or 5.1 shops still monitoring this group? We would appreciate any assistance or documentation that anyone might have.


Jill Pleau
Mid-State Machine Products