Estimated vs. Actual

Since this is a pretty simple report to write, I would create a new report
for this using JobHead linked to JobAsmbl. Filter on company (as always)
and also filter jobhead for the completed date in 2004 and then filter
assemblyseq = 0. The JobAsmbl table has all the total estimated and actual
values in it for "This Level" and "Lower Levels" identified with the "TLA"
and LLA" for the actuals and "TLE and LLE" for the estimates. Just add the
TL and LL numbers together and you will have the job total actuals and
estimates for each category.
I have been charged with generating information which will give us
estimated costs vs. Actual costs for all jobs in 2004. I need it
summarized by job with totals for Subcontract, Materials, and Burden.

This is fairly easy to see on a summarized Production Detail
report for selected jobs. The problems are the report does not give
date range option, each job needs to be manually entered, and is not
easily exportable to an excel spreadsheet. Has anybody got any tips


Bruce Butler, IT Manager
Knappe & Koester, INC.