EWA (Epicor Web Access) Setup (E10.1.400.23.)

I’m trying to add EWA to our test environment.

The test environment App was setup when we did our initial install, and is regularly updated with a copy of the production DB. It runs fine from a client workstation.

I’m following the instructions in “Epicor ERP 10.1 Installation Guide”, Chapter 6 Install EWA.

The deployment was successful, but when I try to verify it (Step 10 of section 6.1 of the Guide), instead of the login prompt, I get:


Does this indicate an EWA install/setup issue, or an IIS configuration issue.

Any better docs on installing and setting up EWA, than what’s in the Install Guide?

FWIW - we’re running E10.1.400.23.

We use EWA extensively and since 10.1 it works pretty well out of the box. Recheck the steps followed and make sure you do the install as the user that has permissions on the inetpub ewa directory.

Dear @ckrusen,

Have you installed the Epicor Web Access ?

Only as a test. And even then it wasn’t complete.