Excel Price lookup with Vantage 8

We use the Excel price lookup function in the product configurator in
Vantage 6.1 version. We have now installed Vantage 8.0 and are in the
process of setting it up. During the conversion from 6.1 to 8.0 seems
the rules that we had applied to the product configurator had also
converted over fine except the price lookup rule. I have even tried to
create a simple part that would use the price lookup and still it is
returning a $0 value. Simple rule I applied is (Decimal((ExcelLookup
("V:\product.xls", "Sheet1", "Price", "Green"))))
The V drive is the mapped drive to our server, we used the same mapped
drive for Vantage 6.1
Any suggestions?

Dan Ernst
Computer Services
Correct Craft, Inc.
(407) 855-4141