Expense Entry for Projects


We use Time & Expense Entry to process expense reimbursements for project related expenses (lodging, per diem, auto, etc.). We went live on Epicor in January and just discovered that the expenses are not getting captured to the correct COS Expense accounts on the GL. Instead, they are all going to our Material COS account. However, we have the expense types (being lodging, per diem, etc.) set up with GL Controls that are linked to the appropriate GL Accounts.

Anyone know why this is happening and/or how to fix it?

I am also going to open a support case with Epicor, but thought I’d see if i could find other users that do Project related expenses. Anyone out there?

Thank you in advance!

I should add…

This is also happening for all AP invoices that have Job Misc lines (expense reimbursements end up becoming AP Invoices). So, i suspect this has more to do with the Job Misc line processing than the expense module.

Hi Jacquelyn,

The question for accounting is: “What would you like to do? Charge the project or expense it?”

I think Epicor will tell you that you cannot do both. Just like you can’t expense inventory and store it. All project costs go to (phase) jobs and that’s WIP, which is a balance sheet item. The accumulated costs are relieved when you recognize revenue or close the phase job. That is also why you are seeing this with Job Misc Lines. You are adding the costs to WIP. If you want to expense it then don’t charge those expenses to jobs, project or otherwise.

Mark W.

Hi Mark,

Thanks so much for your response! I hope that is not the answer we get from Epicor, but that makes sense.

The way we charge the expenses to the project is that the invoice line links to a phase job material on the project (so make sense that everything is going to the Material COS account). However, those materials are set as Miscellaneous Charges with GL Controls to various other GL Expense accounts. So I expected Epicor to realize the miscellaneous charge GL Control, but maybe those take lower priority in the logic.

If it did take the misc GL Control, then it would not go to the project I’m afraid. :disappointed:

Hi Mark,

You were correct! Epicor Support told me that it is working by design. Thanks for your help!