Expense management docTypes, tip handling, editing after submission and consolidation

Hello all, we’ve got the expense app to talk to Epicor, but a few things elude me and our accountant hasn’t been able to find answers in the docs :safe_harbor: .

  • getting the document type set up so the app can upload a picture of the receipt;

  • calculating separate amounts within a transaction, for example we can claim 50% of the tax on a meal in Québec, but nothing on the tip: how do you split that out?

  • Editing the tax amounts after the user has submitted, for the above reason and others;

  • And the big one… processing 500 transactions results in 500 separate AP invoices

Anyone run into these or others? We’re trying hard to do everything in Epicor, and with 50,000 credit card transactions per year and counting I am wondering whether we’re not in the target market for this module.

Would love to chat, DM me or weigh in?

You’d need to record tips as a separate line or misc charge on misc AP Invoice, and then create a custom report to sum up the tips and divide by half. Or, you can use a rule of thumb that the tip is always a fixed percentage of the transaction total. Not sure what’s allowed by tax code, though… I’m not a CPA! :slight_smile:

There’s sales tax due on the transaction (which should be charged by the restaurant), and then there’s income tax due. From what I understand, the 50% rule (in the US at least) is only what you can claim on the income tax as meals and entertainment expense, which would be a report out of Epicor when you need to file taxes. That would be tied to the GL you’ve got set for meals and entertainment, which is assigned to the transaction line on the AP Invoice.

For our credit card transactions, we use a Comdata corporate card, which provides us an Excel report. We massaged that into a format that lets me DMT it monthly into the AP Invoice Combined template. Takes a few hours for 500-700 lines, but it’s a smooth process. We do one invoice with 500 lines on it with Comdata as the vendor.