Expensing paid breaks

We have our employees setup with paid breaks and these breaks have very specific start and end times. When an employee records work on a job Epicor applies the cost of their labour to the job. But Epicor does not apply any cost for the paid break time anywhere. For example, an employee that is paid $20 per hour puts 1 hours into a job, but 15 minutes of this is a paid break. Epicor will put only $15 into WiP, leaving $5 of labour cost for the break unapplied. We have an expense account for Non-Production Labour and would like the $5 for the paid break to be applied there. How do we setup Epicor to do this?

@AllanPearson have you look at making the break an indirect activity start and end.

How do I do that?

@AllanPearson Here is a KB for the process. It is from 10, but we did it in 9.05 also.


Must logon to EpicCare before clicking the link below.