Export BAQ Report

I tried to migrate a BAQ report to a different environment using solution workbench but the BAQ report can not run in the new environment. Anyone knows what elements should be included/added to the solution? Will the .rdl file automatically be installed? Thanks.

I think you would need the following at least this what I would include…


When you create the solution it should ask if you want to include RDL.

I had some issues when I tried to Install a .cab with it all bundled so I have 2 Packages

Package 1:

  1. Report Data Definition
  2. Report (Report Style Head Basically)
  3. Report Style
  4. BAQ

Once you include the Report Style it will ask to include the .rdl upon Cab Build say YES.

Package 2:

  1. BAQ Report (Not Including the BAQ or Report or Styles anymore) at this point I have my dependencies already installed
  2. Menu IDs

I am not sure if its just the sequence order that it installs them in, if you bundle them together, sometimes causing a bad install. I think you can bundle the BAQ with Package 2, the main issues it had was with the Report Style creation.