Export "Links to External Files"

My company has a scenario that needs to be addressed.

In Epicor, there are links (file pointers) that point to files outside of Epicor.

Example: On a sales order, there are links to documents outside of Epicor such as drawings, customer purchase orders, order acknowledgements etc.

Below is a screenshot of such an example.

By clicking on the item desired, the user can then click on <VIEW > which will open the file located on our server, external to Epicor.

Is there a way to export all of these links via BAQ or Dashboard so they can be modified?

Hello Jay,

Yes there is! Check out Document Maintenance (aka External File Reference Maintenance).


You might also want to look at the Attachment Path Maintenance UI - aka File Attachment Maintenance. The purpose of that UI is to allow Directory type Attachments to be “re-parented” (moved to another Server or directory path).

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