Export Page from Configurator to PDF


I would like to know if there is any possibility of exporting a page from a configurator to PDF.



There is no way to do a true export of the page to PDF. You could come up with a way to build a PDF that looks like the page but that would be quite the undertaking. This would also depend on whether you are on-prem or single/multi-tenant. What are you trying to achieve with the export?

I am trying to create a drawing with dimensions on from either the configuration or the PO it will eventually generate.

Initially I was hoping to select an editable PDF and write to fields on it from the Purchase order, but haven’t a clue where to start with this.

Got it. So not really trying to export the page but basically make a drawing using the data from the inputs on the page? Have you seen the 2D capabilities in the configurator? I believe these came out with 10.1.600.

Unfortunately we are running 10.1.500.10 - is it a pain to upgrade to 600?

Typically it is not a major event to go from 10.1.500 to 10.1.600. If you are heavily customized it may take a little more effort. Most of the time you can take a copy of production and do a trial upgrade to see what breaks to help better assess the level of effort to upgrade.

To be honest I don’t think upgrading would be an option for us, as we’ve had a lot of issues just to get this far. Is there any functionality in our version that could write to a PDF?