Export Price List

Trying to export price list from price list entry, but it keeps rounding the prices up. How can I stop that rounding?

I suspect the rounding is because of Excel, change the Excel column format to more decimal places.
I thought it exported the list as a CSV, Open the CSV in a text editor first and confirm the rounding issues in plain text.
Excel tries to anticipate data usage a lot.


@Rick_Bird the rounding is in the csv. I opened it in Notepad and all the figures were rounded.

Not sure then, I didn’t think it was supposed to do that.
Check with Epicor Support. I will see if I can find anything else on this, yet this week.

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@Rick_Bird Here is some more info that may help in solving this. I have a ticket in with Epicor and after a long talk yesterday, they are looking deeper into it. But i wanted to show you what I saw yesterday and hopefully it generates some ideas on how to fix. And doing our price list and replacing the prices because the rounding screwed many of them up, was pain I do NOT want to do again!

So, Epicor asked me to send screen shots of the Currency master. They asked me to open Price List and right click currency and go to Currency master. I actiually recieved an error when doing this.

I am not sure why it is not valid for me as I have permissions for everything in Epicor. For my company, I am everything Epicor, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the awesome! It’s all me. LOL! So, I don’t understand why that menu ID is not valid for me. There are no customization attached to this, so it’s pretty basic.

UPDATE: We do not have the currency Module so that is why we are getting this error. With that said, will not having htis module affect Price list exporting?

Looks like you can only export to 2 decimal places.


Do you own the DMT? Or just create a BAQ to export it?

You can access Currency Master under Financial Management --> Accounts Receivable --> Setup

@jkane I have selected the proper number. I only have two options one is 9,999.99, the other is 9,999,99. I do have DMT bu to get the accurate numbers, I just created a BAQ and pulled them from price group and part price. Kind of a pain, especially since I been having trouble getting the BAQ to pull both group and part at the same time without duplicates.

@bmgarver I have accessed it this way. Interestingly, it says No rounding. But still rounds…

Any chance your Number of Decimals - Price is set to 2 in Company Configuration?


I am assuming this is what you are referring to. This is a real puzzle…

OK, So I heard back from Epicor and apparently, this is how Epicor exports the price list. Working as its supposed to. Now, I guess I can either write a report/dashboard with all the info I need or can try to customize the output. But I think this is asinine for Epicor to have a price list and then you can not export it wit the exact numbers. Makes NO sense. This is one change Epicor should make.

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