Export, Save As - Can't select location? (only "Server:\")

We are trying to export a price list and during export can’t select a location to save the file. The window just says “Save in: Server:”. The up arrow directory box doesn’t do anything. How can we save this file to the desktop?

I assume you’re a SaaS customer. We are and we see that prompt.

Save the file there then use the File Server Download app to retrieve it.

Mark W.

No, we are on premise. I’ll use the File Server Download, but it just adds an extra step for users that I was trying to avoid.

Hmm. If you’re On-Prem, I don’t see why this is prompting this way.

All Users or just a few?

Version of Epicor?

All users.

A popup box with location selection occurs when exporting “Supplier Price List”, but not when exporting just a “Price List”. We added network drives to help out, but it is odd that in one area we can select a file location to save, but in the other we cannot.

Yeah, it sounds like a feature. Well, you know. I’d open a ticket on that.

Mark W.

I’m seeing this “feature” too and we are on-premise…just FYI, in testing I see that this is the path where the Exported File gets saved on your on-premise Server:


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Yes, that is indeed the same path that we see.

I added a mapped drive for users to this path so that they could get to their files, but it is an awkward process for them when they simply want to save to desktop and start manipulating the file…

I was just informed that this was a bug and that “Supplier Price List” export will be changed to the Server only method.