Export Updatable BAQ Directive?

I have a pre-processing Directive on an Updatable BAQ. I was going to export it from test to live but I can’t seem to figure out how to do it. Is it possible?

I assumed it would have been possible through System Management --> Business Process Management --> Directive Export, however, I am mistaken.

You mean one built in via the advanced button inside the updatable BAQ piece? If so, you need to export the whole BAQ to get those moved.


Hello Kelly,

I’m not familiar with the advanced button. I access the directive by navigating to System Management --> Business Process management --> Updatable BAQ Directive Maintenance. There is an Action --> Advanced… Option once I navigate there. Is that what you mean?


Gotcha, that’s a “shortcut” to get at them but they truly do reside inside the BAQ. If you go into the BAQ menu item and pull up your BAQ, you will then be able to hit the Actions - Export BAQ. Then use the same action menu to import as needed.

That help?

I see, thank you so much for the help. I also see now where you get to the BPM Configurations from inside the Update tab.