External BAQ Stored Procedure


Has anyone been able to use a Stored Procedure in an External BAQ? I have been able to use SQL Views in an External BAQ but when I look for my Stored Procedures in the Phrase Build List I cannot Find it in the list.

A stored procedure is not a view you can’t use a stored procedure as a view. Even in regular SQL

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I understand that, but I have a stored procedure doing some logic with multiple tables and then returning a tableset. Is it possible to use that Stored Procedure in an External BAQ so I can use on a Dashboard

Like I said you cannot use a Stored Procedure as View even if it returns a tableset there is no way for in Standard SQL to use a stored procedure as a View you can then Join into other tables and such.You can do this sometimes with Functions but not with Stored Procedures. So no you cannot do that directly in the External BAQ.

Understood! Thank you for the help

Typically if a SP is required because it passes some essential parameters and cannot be rewritten as a CTE / View in any way, I would create an SSRS report linked to the SP and then tie an external link to the Epicor menu that hits the report server directly. If security and other considerations are required for the SP, you might consider building a form that passes in the parameters to be evaluated in the SP when following the external link.

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