External SSRS 2017 Print Prompts Changed?

Hello All,

We are trying to print an ssrs report from a browser and the print prompts have changed since SSRS 2012.

Now it pops up a dialogue box saying “We’ll create a printer-friendly PDF [for you].”

It used to just bring up the client printers for the PC… This means that production would have to click through a few more steps to get to the printer selection.

My question is, is there any way to disable this? I am also open to any comments and suggestions to use a native BAQ report. I might just go that way anyways… The reasoning behind using an external report for them is the time it takes to print via the system agent (maybe this is another can of worms).

In short, I welcome any suggestions to not use a report like this, but I would like to know if we can print external SSRS reports from a browser the same as we did in SSRS 2017 as in 2012.

SSRS 2016 does as you say, as well.


Clicking Print yields:


And then a few seconds later, the Print Dialog:

But the only printers to choose in that print dialog are:


And if I try to print the “web page” (hitting CTRL+P, and not the Print icon on the Report page), I can see the other printers …

When you hit CTRL + P isn’t it printing the whole web page?

Yes. I only did that to show that my computer did in fact have other printers installed.
(Mostly to prove it to myself, since I use remote access to my workstation).

Thanks for looking into it on your end @ckrusen . I did some digging and it seems it has something to do with them replacing the Active X component in 2012 that brought up the print prompt. It eliminates the need to have it on the client computer who is trying to print.

That is cool and all, but why did they have to make it more of a process.