Favorite RB reports that save Time

I am curious what others have to offer (as additional improvement ideas) so
I offer in return the following suggestions of my off-the top of my recent

* AR Aging with Comments: In Customer Master, use the Comments field
to log collection call information (initials/date: then wording..."CE031902:
Invoice 1234, paperwork issue...will mail on the 25th etc.") Then have the
comments print (limit the size...and old history still predicts...so we
don't delete old comments) on an AR Aging that give the phone fax number and
other pertinent information. Your AR people possibly spend hours (no
kidding) tracking notes from one week to the next. Can also be run by
Customer groups (parent company if you are in 5.1) or Customer name begins
'xxx', or SalesRep = (if you've figured out how to parse this one out).
* Outstanding AP checks; (primarily time savings...we jumped from 3.0
to 5.1, so I don't know who, in-between, will benefit.) In 5.1 the
outstanding checks do not sort by check number. And the Vantage report
print is so small that my (now 40) eyes are feeling their age. In bank
reconciling there's always one check that is cleared wrong and I've always
compared the Bank Statement to the outstanding list to find the culprit.
Speed benefit in having them sorted by check number and the larger print
benefit is just visual, ergonomic friendly.

I'm obviously coming from the financial perspective, but would welcome ideas
for production, inventory, sales orders...etc.