I looked at both OmTool and Zetafax. We bought Zetafax because of the
pricing. OmTool looks very nice but it was just too much money for what we
wanted to do. Your mileage may vary, if I were you and you have the time I
would check them both out and take them for a drive. They both shipped me
demo software to try and their tech support was right there with me.

I would avoid WinFax like the Black Plague if you are on Win2000 server or
higher. I returned a 10 user license after many implementation problems and
an utter lack of tech support.

I highly recommend a dedicated fax board like Brooktrout. Many of the
problems I had in testing fax software we away after we purchased the
Brooktrout. They are very fast and rock solid.

Mitchell Kirby
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Riten Industries, Inc.

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