Feeling entitled (Dude! Where's my stuff?)

Feeling like an entitled [enter a generation that you are not] because a nurse just told me I deserved a better lunch than I brought for when my post-op was done. Plus maybe I’m a little high, they do have good stuff here. Apparently weighing 300lb gets you a double shot, too. Say your pain is an 8!

I still get ads on mobile despite my exalted patron status. I don’t actually care, except the way Chrome works the ad expands from the bottom on my phone and block the various buttons. @josecgomez can I haz a clear screen?

Also, I’m sure I should get my 100 day badge.

OK, definitely high. And I’m staring at a fundraiser poster involving rubber ducks dumped in the seaway with bets placed, so I want that badge too. Rubber ducks. Just how exclusive can that club be?

Mental note to future self: don’t go back and read your posts when this wears off, they’re embarrassing.

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If you’re logged in on the phone you shouldn’t see ads… hmmmm

I’m guessing something broke… we’ll look into it. But all the knobs are in the right place in your account. Sorry about that.

Not a problem. Will revert to normal owner/victim selection tomorrow.

Interesting it does block most ads (no banner ads etc), but it appears that some of the hovering pull under ads get past it… I’ll see what I can do.

don’t waste your youth on it.

give me the rubber duckie badge and promise no jokes about Canadians on fentanyl covered by socialized medicine and we’ll call it even.

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