Fetch Data from an external field to display it in dashboards and reports

Dear Folks,

I am facing a challenge in fetching data from an external field to BAQs in our Epicor environment.

We have a field called “FinalOpDueDate” under the job head table, which is actually an external field and does not show up in the Job head table. However, we need to use this field in some of our BAQs.

I have tried a few approaches, but unfortunately, none of them have been successful so far. One approach I considered was creating a new User Defined (UD) field under the job head table and attempting to retrieve data from the external field through coding. However, I am unsure if this will work.

I am reaching out to see if anyone on the team has any ideas or suggestions on how to achieve this requirement. We need a solution as soon as possible to meet our business needs.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.


Is this field a real field that exists somewhere else? If it does, we can for sure link to it.

If this field is a calculation, you’ll just need to recreate it.

Please expand on what you know :slight_smile:

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Hi @klincecum, thank you for your reply.

No this actually doesnot exist anywhere.


Can you think of anything here?

Thank you for your time.

Yes, the field exists.
In job entry when you go to the Job Details / Operations / Details tab and select an select an operation as “Final Operation” by selecting the check box. It stores the sequence number on the Job Assembly table.
JobAsmbl.FinalOpr (>>9)
So to get your answer which is displayed in job entry. Link to Job.Asmbl to get to the operation sequence selected as final. then Display the field. JobOper.DueDate.

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I should of said link again from JobAsmbl to JobOper then Display JobOper.DueDate.