Field help and customization dialog show different EpiBindings for the same fields

In developer mode, when I open the Order Entry form with “base only” checked, the field help technical details and the customization tools dialog show different EpiBindings for the same fields. I first noticed this in the Summary section of the form. According to the field help, the discount total is bound to OrderHed.DocTotalDiscount. But according to the customization tools dialog, the same field is bound to OrderHed.TotalDiscount.

I created an order with a discount in my test environment. TotalDiscount and DocTotalDiscount both contained the same correct value. By manually updating these fields, I determined that field help is correct about which value the UI displays, and the customization tools dialog is wrong.

Has anyone else seen this? Is there an explanation for what the customization dialog shows?



The fields prefixed with Doc are showing the document currency. The fields with same name but no prefix of Doc will be in your base system currency.

If you only have 1 currency, then the fields should always contain the same value.



If I understand what you’re saying, that doesn’t really address my question.

You have observed a difference between 2 bindings, but don’t say whether that’s causing you a problem or not. Is there a particular customisation that you’re trying to make to the Order Entry screen?

I think how what I said becomes relevant is 2 fold:

  1. On the toolbar, you have a drop down for currency. Basically the same field on the screen could display DocTotalDiscount, or TotalDiscount depending on what is selected in the currency dropdown

  2. Behind the scenes, Epicor is updating both fields via the service, with the TotalDiscount amount being equal to the DocTotalDiscount amount run through the currency module to work out current rate and therefore the value.

The EpiBinding is referencing a dataview on the form, there can be logic that updates those values to display so that view.Field <> table.Field. I think that was what @markdamen was referring to. You can look at the decomp of the form to see whats happening under the hood

We’re only using one currency. The problem is that I don’t know how to interpret (or whether I can trust) what the customization dialog is telling me. On the same form, at the same time, with no changes to anything, customization tells me it’s using one field and field help tells me it’s using another.