Field Security and Reports

I have set field security for the labor rate in EmpBasic to none for our company. I have certain users that I have given full permission to so they can run reports that use the labor rate. When they run the report the data using the labor rate in the calculation does not come out. If I run it as security manager the data does show up.

I changed the overall company default to be Read but that didn’t help. What do I need to do so that the reports will work for those users whose field security is set to full?

Becareful with setting field security on labor rate.
I had one customer set the field to hide - and all labor entries had zero for the labor rate for the employees the field was hidden from.
Consider security on the reports and BAQs.

Also, don’t use actual labor rates but a standard shop rate.

It turns out the field security was also set on the rate in the LaborDtl table. Once I enabled it for my specific users it now works.