Field security: is there a report showing which field has security applied?


We are testing Field security, and I was wandering how can I view the results of the configuration. I did not find a report showing me the list of fields which had security applied to.

I have multiple fields to apply this and wanted to have a list of fields having this security applied to, in order to confirm I did not miss one…


Not aware of any built-in report for field security. I have a test user that isn’t hooked into SSO that I test field security with.

Here is a thread talking about field security from a couple years ago. Never tried anything mentioned here but some good info maybe. Few other threads are linked to this one.

Field Security is stored in the Ice.SecColumn table.


Service Security is stored in the Ice.Security table.

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Yes I have found that and was a bit disapointed. The table is missing the Group (or user if setup that way) that was assigned to the Field security line. Also would want to see Who did this entry eventually…
(but that can be done via UD fields… probably…)

So here my test was do not allow view of Part.PartDescription to users part of a specific Group.
It worked fine.
here is the table content:

As you can see the Denylist is empty… would have expected to see my group denying access…


Me too. :thinking:

And it’s working???

Yep like a charm!!!
Everywhere the user sees PartDescription, it is showing as an empty grey square…

But this time I denied it not to a group, but a specific user (1615) and guess what… the user appears in the list…

go figure!


So I cannot know which group was assigned the deny… and we work exclusively with sec groups !!!

is it a bug…?