File Deletion

I had a problem and thought that I would share the solution. It was one of
those things that has driven me nuts for 2 days. I am writing a custom
application to scan documents by RMA's, Sales Orders, Jobs, and Parts. When
I started testing a portion of the program I scanned several documents. I
had Tiff file compression off. Each file was coming out at 400mb in size.
So I figured that problem out and fixed it quickly. The problem was, I
could not delete the files I had scanned. I kept getting an error "File in
use or there has been a sharing violation. I tried everything. Rebooted
the server, you name it. I woke up in the middle of the night and it
occurred to me that Windows 2000 was attempting to do a Preview in the left
pane of Windows Explorer. Because the file was 400mb it was taking a very
long time to load. I selected more then one file so that windows didn't
attempt to preview the document and was able to delete it with no problem.

This was my stupid mistake of the week and thought that I would share.
Thought maybe it would help someone else sleep through the night in the

Have a good one,