File Library

I know we can attach files to our posts, but is there a library of files for sharing somewhere?

No, not at the moment. You can share files in the context of your post.

Hey Jose,

So is there any plan to have a library of files at some point? Someplace where people can share their BAQs, reports etc., with some descripton, where other people can vote up or see how many times that file has been downloaded.

Sometimes I just wander through random posts and see very useful files being shared but that kinda makes me sad at the same time thinking what I could be missing out on.

Easy fix, read every post! haha!

Files are already available in Context. Just sharing random files in a random location I’m not sure how useful just a random BAQ without context is?
There is a section called Code Sharing or something like that where you can post stuff you want to share though.


I found out that you can put in your search

filetypes:csv and the posts that show up will have that file type in the post. So if you are looking for a BAQ you can search filetypes:baq and find posts with BAQ. It’s not quite a file library, but it’s a way to file files.


This blew my mind. Thank you :heart:

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