Fill By Query - Filling Multi-Level Dataset with BPM


It doesn’t seem that this is possible without using custom code, but thought I’d ask anyway. I’m trying to add multiple records to the MtlQueue from a list of selectable bins (across multiple jobs/warehouses). Therefore, I need multiple GetRequest records within a GetRequestTableset type dataset and each of these will have one or more get request request lines. The problem is, when using the Fill By Query for the GetRequestLines, it errors saying that there are more than one GetRequest records (obviously, the system doesn’t know which parent record to store the child against).

Is there some way to do this without custom code?

The other way to do this is in a loop to add one line at a time and call GetRequest.ProcessLines for each individually. This, itself, is not clean either as I call it with a single GetRequest in the dataset and it returns more than one which requires me to re-initialize the dataset through custom code anyway.

I’ve been told by support that we should be using the non-custom code functionality within BPMs, but I have to admit that I struggle with this whenever trying to iterate through records (something that is fairly easy to achieve with code). Maybe I’m missing something here.