Fill Table By Query not filling Quick Job table

I am trying to create a job from the inspection process.
I couldn’t use the Quick Job BO in the same BO as inspection because of tableset issues.
I created a BPM that fills a UD table with the data I needed for the job and then another BPM to use the UD to create the job.
The first BPM works fine, I check the UD table and it has the data required. When I try to use this data to fill the QuickJob table it does not work.
The table created on the BPM for the Quick Job BO gets absolutely no data from the query.
I have tried pre and post processes in case the ttUD table was empty, I have tried using directly the UD table, but nothing. Not only, not even the fields passed through expressions or BPM variables are not getting through.
Please send help