Filter BAQ Grid by Form Field

Hi, I am in Price List Inquiry and when the Part Code changes i want to filter a grid from a BAQ I have created to show all Part Codes. I have tried to follow How To: Kinetic BAQ Grid Pub-Sub - Experts’ Corner - Epicor User Help Forum ( but this seems to lend itself towards Publish and Filter from the E10 Classic Dashboards.

I have the BAQ loading the DataView when the Part Changes, i was hoping using the right relationships from within the dataview but it didnt help filter out the BAQ results.

Current Settings below.


Sorry–I misread your question.
Is there a reason you want to do the filter in the DataView instead of what you currently have set?

What you show in your images is definitely the way to go for a dynamic filter.

Hi @hmwillett

I was attempting to filter a baq by the PartNum that is chosen in price list inquiry and then show it within a grid.

What you have should work. What issues are you running into?

If I put the where statement in I get nothing returned. If it is empty I get the whole query (which I would expect).

Running the baq in the designer returns at least 1 row per PartNum

Here’s what I created for reference (slightly different BAQ, but same idea).

PartWhse_PartNum = ?{PriceListInquiryCriteria.PartNum}


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The query shows all rows when that WHERE clause is empty.
As soon as i put in Part_PartNum = ?{PriceListInquiryCriteria.PartNum} I get blank no records found.
I followed your instructions to the letter.

Can you send me your BAQ?
I’ll give it a try with that and see what I can find out.

You might also try adding a second “?” which will allow for nulls. It may be choking on one.

Part_PartNum = ??{PriceListInquiryCriteria.PartNum}

Or try adding single quotes. The syntax in App Studio is duuuuuuuuumb and inconsistent.

Part_PartNum = '?{PriceListInquiryCriteria.PartNum}'

Actually, you know what? Start with adding the quotes.
You may have part numbers where it necessitates those. Ours just happen to play nice.

WINNER :smile:
The quotes looked to have sorted my issue here.

I will bear this in mind for future dealings with out PartNums.

Thank you!!