Filter EpiCombo Current Plant

I’m working on a Customization where I have an EpiCombo to select a Resource Group. I’m tying it to CallContextBpmData and BO.ResourceGroup; No problems there.

I want to filter the list to show just the Groups corresponding to the Current Plant / Current Company.


I’m trying to use the following filter code, but is not working.

Plant = ‘?[@CurrentPlant]’


Any suggestions how can I filter Current Plant / Current Company??


Filter fields need to be part of the view, is CurrentPlant available?

When I typed “@CurrentPlant” in the formula was not as a field, but as a BAQ Constant. I don’t know if that is the right way. My goal is to filter the list with the Plant where the user is logged in.

@CurrentPlant isn’t a available in a customization. You’ll have to pass in that information from an adjacent DataView or simply use a BAQCombo and filter the BAQCombo to CurrentPlant then you don’t have to customize anything on the front end.

Thanks, I’ll try the BAQCombo. I was following your video “Epicor Combo Box Auto Filter”, as I need to filter the first box with the ResourceGroup, and upon the selection choose a Resource in the second box.

I’m guessing you can set both boxes as BAQCombo and then use EpiFilterAppend on the second one?.

No don’t filter anything on the front end just filter the BAQ To return only current Plant data.

Both boxes are now BAQCombo’s, and its filtering the Plant on both BAQ’s. After some research on this site, I found BAQMarkup so I set the dependency of the Second Box to the First. No problems there. What I notice is that after I made my selection on the first box and click the second, for a moment the information displayed on the first box is gone. But it is back when I select something on the second box. See Gif.

Is there any code to lock the information on the first box while doing a selection on the second box? Thanks


Do you have any posts on how to do this?