Filter for 0 on assembly vs runtime different

So I’m having an issue with a filter not working the same way in a run time and an assembly for a dashboard. In the runtime, when I use a 0 for the filter, it filters to things that are 0. In the assembly, when you put a 0 in there, I think it’s acting like it’s empty. We have been using this dashboard as a runtime and this particular tab (and one more) is used to find when there are materials or assemblies that aren’t properly related to an operation, which will screw up the backflush. I deployed it as an assembly, because a couple of different tabs now have buttons to write out CSV’s for DMT use and to put in the custom coding, needed to be deployed as an assembly to create the customization. Does anyone know how to make the filter on 0 act the same way in the runtime and the assembly? See the screen shot’s below to see the difference.