Filtering an RDD that is a BAQ - Help Needed

I have a Report Data Definition that is comprised of a single baq. What I want is to have the availability to filter by date, From To, and filter by specification, a nvchar. I have created a criteria set and added three prompts to it. I do not see a way to add these prompts to a filter.

Any and all help is appreciated!

I recently followed KB0114676 to create my first BAQ-RDD-SSRS type report.
I did not use a Filter, but it appears that in the KB walkthrough, the Criteria Prompts and the Criteria Filters are two separate things. They give the example where the BAQ has 3 parameters, CustID, CustType, and TerritoryID. In the RDD they create Prompts for CustID and CustType, but they add a Filter for the TerritoryID.

Is this what you are trying to accomplish?

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Adding the parameters is exactly what I needed to get the criteria set to create filter links! Thanks Michael!

You are welcome.