Final operation

I have a BAQ with a calculated field to show whether an operation has the Final Operation box checked. It stopped working properly after the update. I checked the field from Job Tracker and it shows the box as JobOper.FinalOper but when I look in the data dictionary that field is no longer present.

Does anyone know if it was renamed or moved to a different table?

Try JobAsmbl.FinalOper

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After the 2022.1.3 update it’s still the JobAsmbl.FinalOper

I do see it in JobAsmbl table. What I don’t get is why the Field Help shows it as JobOper.FinalOper even though I don’t see that field in the table now. For some reason changing the criteria is not yielding the expected results.

I am only using it to show if the final operation, always seq.500 for us, is complete. My calculated field now reads;
(case when JobAsmbl.FinalOpr > 0 then (case when JobOper.OpComplete = 1 then 1 else 0 end) else 0 end)
That still is not showing as true on jobs that have that operation completed.

I’ve also tried
(case when JobOper.OprSeq = 500 then (case when JobOper.OpComplete = 1 then 1 else 0 end) else 0 end)

Interesting! I don’t see it in JobOper either. Although the Field Help for Job Entry says that the EpiBinding should be JobOper.FinalOpr. It is a bit field.
I do see JobAsmbl.FinalOpr is there, but it’s an integer field representing the operation sequence number that is the final op. This is not a maintainable field.
What happened to the final op flag?

I did get it to produce the expected results using JobAsmbl.FinalOpr after modifying some table criteria.

It’s always been in JobAsmbl, right? I remember that from like 5 years ago.

I know in Job Entry you check a box on the operation, but it’s always been a façade.

Like the Buyer default user actually affects the UserFile, or Supplier Price List’s primary vendor actually affects PartPlant.VendorNum. Just one of those quirks.

That may be the case Jason but neither of the check boxes you mentioned list a table field directly whereas Final operation does.

Yeah that is really bizarre, and misleading of course. I honestly wonder how I figured it out before. Something must have changed. Or changed and changed back.