Finding Data on Deleted PackSlip

I’m trying to find a data on a deleted pack, is there a table in Epicor that I can query off of to find this information?

I’m looking for Pack Creation Date, Entry Person, Deleted date, Entry person on the deletion.

If it had been marked shipped at any time, it would have created PartTran records. And you’d be in luck, because “unshipping” it would make more records. So you’d have records of the packer when it was marked shipped, and when it was deleted. So make a BAQ of the PartTran table, with criteria to filter on the PackNum

Note that the first record for this packnum will have been created when it was first marked shipped. The SysDate would be the actual calendar date it was marked shipped, and the TranDate would be the ShipDate specified on the header.

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I would hope that the system doesn’t let you delete a Pack Slip once it’s been shipped, even if it is then subsequently un-shipped!

Something to test on my test system!!

Oh it does… The ShipHead and ShipDtl records will be deleted. But any Part trans they created remain.

Now if it’s been Invoiced, you can’t even un-ship it

@markdamen - you had me doubting myself …

Here’s BAQ results of ShipHead and ShipDtl for a packer, after it has been shipped.


And here’s the Part Trans (also after it was marked shipped)


And now after unshipping, and deleting the Packer
Nnote that just “unshipping”, sets the status to “CLOSED”. I had to re-open it, and then could delete the packer. I could delete the packer in one step (i.e. wasn’t required to delete line first)

Part trans shows the reversals.

And a BAQ of the ShipHead for the specific Packer comes up blank.

One last note… The PackNumber that was used remains “used”. I.E creating a new packer sets the PackNum to the next number. The deleted one isn’t re-used.

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Thanks for doing that - I was going to have to do it out of curiosity, but you’ve saved me that time! I guess most of the data on the Pack Slip is contained within the PartTran record, but it challenges but understanding of a relational database.

I don’t think you’d be able to issue materials to a job, reverse the issue, then delete the job - it would tell you that there have been transactions. Wouldn’t it… :thinking: I’ll test this one!

The pack in my example would not be shipped and will not have a record on the parttran table.

Then you’re only evidence will be the gap in the PackNums.

If you have a backup system for your DB - which I hope you do - you could restore various dates to the Test company, and look for the records there.