Finding where Epicor 8 keeps PO pricing variables, like Line Total, Subtotal, ect

Hi, I am trying to find where Epicore would keep PO pricing information. I am Looking for Line Total, Subtotal, Shipping and Handling, and Grand Total. I see on the PDF of a PO that those fields are being used.

I have looked in PODetials, PO Header, and POMisc, and haven’t seen any fields.

I am wondering if those fields on the PDF version of the PO are generated when I export the PO to PDF, instead of being stored in the tables.

Thanks, Ryan.

Yes… at least some are calculated in - if you have a copy of Crystal Developer you can see those fields/formulas

e.g. Line SubTotal = Crystal formula:
NumberVar POTotal;
NumberVar ExtCost;
POTotal := ExtCost
Grand Total = Crystal formula:

Crystal is only part of the story though…
You’ll want to check out the Report Data Definition “POForm” too
— unfortunately there is one table called “ORMisc” taht is not a “real” - will need to reverse engineer…somehow.

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Hi Bruce,

Thank you for responding.

This information was what I was looking for.