Finding which Epicor screen has a given DB field

I have identified that an issue in one of our dashboards is being caused by a particular DB bit field not being checked. I’m trying to find the screen in Epicor where this field exists, but have so far been unsuccessful. Are there any general tips for doing such a lookup? So far I have just picked screens I felt might have the field and have gone through each tab, selected the first field with field help open, then hit tab repeatedly to step through each field - only occasionally being stymied by improper tab order.

While a general case (“teach a man to fish”) would be appreciated if it’s possible, for this particular case I’m looking for PartDtl.RequirementFlag if anybody knows where (presumably) the checkbox for that is. I have looked everywhere under the Part screen without luck.

This is what the Data Dictionary says about the field.

“Indicates if record is a receipt or a requirement. Used only for sorting receipts before requirements, never shown to user.”

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Ah, thanks! I was assuming it was some kind of entry error, but this rules that out.