Finite Horizon on the Resource

Does Finite Horizon only work with MRP?

Just curious, can you give some background, why you’re asking?

I always assumed this was for MRP and have have never really looked any further.

I am asking because we are digging deeper on how our schedule works. We do not have MRP and use Infinite, Backwards scheduling. We are able to have some overloads on our capacities on some of our resource groups but we also have some resource groups that we cannot have an overload. I am just looking for a system driven way to try to prevent overloads on certain resources. I saw this Finite horizon and did a little research on it and was thinking this might be a way to help with that. But since we do not have MRP so I am just wondering if it is worth the time to do any further educating of myself on this.

INFINITE scheduling… ?
Basically, your Resource GROUPS have 24 hrs of work each day !
If you are not a 24/7 shop then this is the wrong setting!

Finite scheduling ‘restricts’ the max available capacity to be = to the resource Groups calendar (with consideration to shift-braeks and lunch).

I understand what FINITE scheduling does and it will restrict our scheduling way too much because we are a CUSTOM MANUFACTURING SHOP. Every job is different.

Finite Horizon is only used with the Finite Scheduling of resources.

It doesn’t sound like this is what you want.

Brad Boes

Thank you Brad.